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Why would I want to go out to restaurants in Punta Cana? This is a question we get asked all the time. The answer is simple: –sometimes resort food can get a little boring (even if it’’s really good) and it’’s nice to see something different. Most often we just want a break from the resort, see some different scenery and try out some new flavors. Other times, we have been off sight-seeing or shopping and just happen by one and can’’t resist.

In Punta Cana there is a large variety of restaurants for every taste and you can enjoy exquisite specialties while watching beautiful sceneries. Vacationers in Punta Cana can dine in formal restaurants that serve filet mignon and lobster, or they can enjoy a more laid back and casual setting while dining on the island’s national dish of la bandera.

Traditional Dominican cuisine is basically a mixture of Spanish, Taino and African gastronomy and consists mainly of rural recipes elaborated with simple ingredients. Here in Punta Cana, and even within your resort, you can easily find restaurants and dishes from different countries. You might find good food, good value, and friendly service, but keep in mind that the farther you go off the beaten track, the more unlikely it is that English will be spoken.

Here below you can find a complete list with all the most important restaurants you can dine in Punta Cana arranged by type of cuisine, with address and contact number, with our special recommendations depending on the kind of experience you’re looking for.

(If you know a restaurant not listed below and you want to add it, please feel free to contact us and we will change the list).


Acentos Bistro  –  Galerias Punta Cana Village    809.959.0161
Bamboo  –  Punta Cana Resort & Club    809.959.2262
Brot Bagel Shop  –  Galerias Punta Cana Village    809.959.2007
Citrus  –  Los Corales, Bavaro  809.455.2026  (recommended)

Club Aqua Mare  –  Marina Cap Cana    908.469.7342
Batu  –  Plaza El Dorado, Los Corales
Fuego Gastro by Martin Berasategui  –  Hotel Paradisus   809.687.9923
Garry’s Good Times  –  Los Corales
Hard Rock Cafe  –  Palma Real Shopping Village    809.552.0594

Huracan  Cafe  –  Playa Bavaro   809.552.1046 / 809.754.5405
Juanillo  –  Juanillo Beach, Cap Cana    809.543.2881
Kukua Beach Club  –  Arena Gorda, Punta Blanca    829.943.8118
La Palapa  –  Caleton Beach Club, Cap Cana  809.469.7469
O Sole Mio  –  Veron Crossroad, Veron   809.455.1143
Onno’s – El Cortecito  809.552.0376

Outside In  –  Av. Alemania, Bavaro    809.552.0167
Noah  –  Plaza Paseo San Juan, Av. Barcelo    809.455.1060  (recommended)
Nam Nam  –  Los Corales, Bavaro    809.988.3176  (recommended)
Pastrata – Av. Alemania, El Cortecito    829.645.6767 (recommended)
Playa Blanca  –  Punta Cana Resort & Club    809.959.2714

Privilege  –  The Golf Suites, Cocotal    809.677.0012
Ragazzi  –  Palma Real Shopping Village    809.455.7828
Soles Chill Out Beach Bar  –  Los Corales, Playa Bavaro    809.910.4371
Simon Mansion  –  Hard Rock Hotel  –  809.731.0094 (recommended)
The Moon  –  El Cortecito, Playa Bavaro    829.643.7039


Chez Mon Ami  –  Plaza Nautica, Bavaro    809-552-6714


Outback Steakhouse  –  Palma Real Shopping Village  809.552.8878
Chef Pepper  –  San Juan Shopping Center    809.466.2333
Tony’s Roma  –  Palma Real Shopping Center    809.552.8880
Cut’s and Grill  –  Av. Alemania, Los Corales    809.455.2885


Andale Guey  –  Av. Espana, Plaza Mayoral    809.552.1418
El Burrito  –  Palma Real Shopping Village    809.952.6045
Taco  –  Ciudad Las Canas, Cap Cana    809.469.7575


Carlota Restaurant  –  Plaza San Juan  809 953 1461
El Tablao  –  Galerias Punta Cana Village    809.959.3008
Passion by Martin Berasategui  –  Paradisus Palma Real Resort    809.688.5000


Don Pio  –  Plaza Turquesa, Los Corales  809 455 7373


Zen  –  Galerias Punta Cana Village    809.959.0387
Balicana  –  Los Corales, Bavaro    829.898.4479  (recommended)
Akikomo  –  Plaza Proa    809.552.1644


Carbon  –  Galerias Punta Cana Village    809.959.0018
La Posada de Glady’s  –  Av. Alemania, Los Corales  (recommended)
La Casita de Yeya  –  Cruce Coco Loco  809 466 1096


Burger King  –  Veron Crossroad    809.552.9909
Wendy’s  –  Galerias Punta Cana Village    809.959.9717


Ama  –  Calle Barcelona, Bavaro
Bella Napoli  –  Avenida Alemania, Plaza Nautica  829 348 3538
D’Angelos  –  Los Corales, Bavaro    809.552.0881
Il Cappuccino  –  Marina Cap Cana, Cap Cana    809.469.7095
Cappuccino Mare  –  Av. Estados Unidos, Bavaro    809.468.4646
Huracan Cafe  –  Los Corales, Playa Bavaro    809.552.1046
Mamma Luisa  –  Galerias Punta Cana Village    809.959.2013
Papa Jonhs  –  Palma Real Shopping Center    809.552.8800
Pizza Hut  –  San Juan City Center    809.466.2008
Venezia  –  Av. Alemania, Plaza Costa Bavaro    809.996.1233  (recommended)


Pranama  –  Plaza El Dorado, Los Corales  809.552.6767 (recommended)


Garum  –  San Juan Shopping Center    809.466.0505
Mediterraneo  –  Eden Roc at Cap Cana  809.469.7469


Rancho Paisa  –  Plaza Mayoral, Bavaro    809.552.1895


Acqua Beach Club  –  Bibijagua, Bavaro Beach    809.552.6002
Capitan Cook  –  El Cortecito, Bavaro   809.552.1061
Jellyfish  –  Playa Bavaro    809.868.3040  (recommended)
La Yola  –  Punta Cana Resort & Club    809.959.2262
Oasis Montreal  –  El Cortecito, Bavaro


Mangu: Traditional Dominican morning favorite, made up of boiled green plantains. The plantains are then mashed with the water it has been boiling in. It is topped with sauteed onions and served with salami, deep-fried cheese, fried eggs or avocado on the side.

Mofongo: You simply cannot leave without trying this! Green plantains are fried and mashed with garlic and fried pork rind. A true delicacy!

La Bandera (The Flag): The most popular of the national dishes, “la bandera” consists of a stewed meat dish, white rice, red kidney beans, fried plantains and salad and is served as lunch.

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  1. admin says:

    Talking about Playa Bavaro…Soles, Huracan, El Rincon Magico, there was El Pulpo Cojo but last February had a huge fire and went down…
    Try also Onno’s… it’s a new restaurant bar opened few months ago in Cortecito… very popular at the moment…

  2. sascas1@bellsouth.net'Cindy T. says:

    Last year when we were in Punta Cana, we discovered Soles and thought it was a great afternoon beach bar/restaurant. Are any of the restaurants listed above on the beach? Huracan was mentioned by someone at Iberostar. Can you provide information on others places? We are going to be at the Hard Rock and several of our friends are at the Grand Palladium, so we are looking for places to meet off-resort. Thanks for your input!

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