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Snorkeling, Hookah Diving and Parasailing starting from 80 USD !!!


20140929_135251Dear readers get ready to experience the sky and sea to the fullest with this unique excursion which combines snorkeling, diving, parasailing and touring on a catamaran with open bar all in one! This is in my opinion the funniest and most entertaining hookah diving experience you can enjoy in Punta Cana. You will enjoy every moment of this tour. With the ‘hookah’ we will live a lifetime experience that combines the thrill of diving with the simplicity of snorkeling. This excursion has something for everyone from diving, snorkeling, swimming, dancing, and so much more and will become for sure one of the highlights of your holidays.

20140929_135501The tour starts at Dona Matilde Beach (a part of Bavaro Beach located between the resorts Barcelo Dominican Beach and Vista Sol) where the guests from the different hotels reunite while waiting to get on board the catamaran. The photographers will take advantage of the beautiful scenery to take some pictures of you while the catamaran approaches the shore. Once all the guests are on board the staff welcomes us with a glass of fruit punch and the supervisor Gerard introduces the rest of the crew. All the members have funny but easy to remember names (or nicknames): Giancarlo, Pepperoni, Lady Gaga, Chocolate,Winko and the bartender Any.

Capitan Winko turns the engines on and our adventure begins. Music plays loud with a mix of reggae, R&B, dance and chill out. While the catamaran sails along the coast of Bavaro you will have the chance to enjoy some breathtaking views and feel the fresh Caribbean breeze on your face.

DSC_0001It doesn’t need too long for the first quick stop. All the guests who bought the package with the parasailing option included pass to another small boat and then move to the parasail boat which is waiting not far away to experience the first activity of the tour. Have you ever dreamed of flying in the sky? The parasailing will give you a sense of freedom and a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Punta Cana shoreline with its turquoise waters and palm tree studded beaches. Simply a breathtaking experience!

20140929_143700The catamaran keeps sailing along the coast with the guests who bought the package without the parasailing activity and after around 30 minutes from the start of the tour we reach Cabeza de Toro reef, one of the best reefs in the area for snorkeling and underwater activities, where you will have the chance to see the amazing marine life and a wide variety of colorful fishes and corals. Here’s the place where we’ll experience the snorkeling and hookah diving. Gerard the supervisor will explain all the rules and provide all the instructions to follow to have a safe and enjoyable experience. (A very important rule to follow is not to touch the corals underwater as there are few species that can cause irritation if touched). The activities are organized in such a way that on a side of the catamaran the guests can enjoy the hookah diving and on the other side the snorkeling. The hookah package includes the snorkeling as well so you can experience both the activities.

Snuba_hookah_divingIt’s during this time that the guests who left the catamaran to do the parasailing rejoin the rest of the guests on board and get ready to experience in turn the sea activities. The supervisor explains again the rules to follow for them so everybody can spend a great time. In the meantime the bar opens and from this moment you can have as many drinks as you desire. The selection is good: rum, mamajuana, Presidente beer, fruit punch, coke, sprite, water. The bartender Any prompty will serve the drink of your choice always with a smile on her face.

20140929_144026From this moment the tour turns into a real party boat. The crew on board provides a great entertaining and the music makes everybody wants to dance and have a good time. You can even enjoy some fresh fruit (pineapple and melon) if you fancy. The catamaran moves to the second stop: the natural swimming pool. Get your drink at the floating bar surrounded by palm trees and wade in the transparent waste deep waters. This moment is probably one of the highlights of this tour: the scenery is simply amazing and you will feel like you’re in paradise. All the guests will have the chance to spend here around 30 minutes before getting on board again and starting the way back to Dona Matilde Beach. 20140929_171308The ride back is pure entertaining. The crew invites everybody to dance under the notes of the most popular Dominican hits, drinks keep flowing and the atmosphere is simply amazing. You don’t want the party to stop and you would love to stay on board as more time as possible.

This tour it’s a breathtaking experience, with music, drinks, sea and sky activities, a great time you won’t easily forget. Once again I can offer it at the best and cheapest price available, like usual 20-30 usd less than at the hotel desk. I will ask just for a deposit and you can pay the tour directly in cash the day of the excursion. Give it a try!!

Duration: around 4 hours

This excursion is available: Daily except Sundays
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: Afternoon
Thu, Sat: Morning


Hookah Diving + Snorkeling    80 USD per person;

Parasaling + Snorkeling    95 USD per person;

Parasailing + Hookah Diving + Snorkeling    110 USD per person;

children 4-12 year old half price for all the packages

What is included:

– Round trip hotel – excursion point – hotel. (Transportation may not be available or may be subject to an additional fee from some hotels).
– 4 hours tour including coastal cruise and stop at the natural swimming pool.
– Diving equipment
– Snorkeling equipment
– Drinks with open bar* (Mamajuana, beer, rum, softdrinks)
– Fresh Fruit
– Life jackets.

What to wear and/or bring:

– Wear comfortable clothes and bathing suit underneath.
– Wear beach sandals.
– Wear/bring sun lotion.
– Wear/bring sun glasses.
– Wear/bring a hat.
– Bring a beach towel.
– Bring your camera.
– Bring money for tips and souvenirs.

– Approx duration of the different activities:

Parasailing: around 10 minutes
Hookah Diving: around 25 minutes
Snorkeling: around 30 mnutes

*Drinks containing alcohol will be served after the activities for safety purpose.

Booking in advance is recommended. Private charters are available on request.

Have a lot of fun!!



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10 Responses to “Snorkeling, Hookah Diving and Parasailing starting from 80 USD !!!”

  1. alyssa.madden09@gmail.com'Alyssa Madden says:

    Hello, I am wondering what time this tour starts on Thursdays and as well as Fridays so I can decide what day to book it, and I’m wanting a morning tour.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. waksman@comcast.net'Betsy Posnick Waksman says:

    Hola Claudio,

    My friend and I would like to book the Power Adventure tour for Wednesday November 8, but we have flexibility, weather dependent, for Tuesday November 7 or Thursday November 9. As I wrote, we will be at Secrets.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you and the adventure!



    • LPC Tours says:

      Hola Betsy,

      no probloem you can book the tour online for Wednesday and in case we can move it depending on the weather. We ask just 10usd deposit per person to keep the spots. Only thing remember that on Tuesday and Wednesday the tour runs in the afternoon while on Thursday the tour runs in the morning.


  3. aquietlifebiz@gmail.com'Bret Smith says:

    We will be coming in to Punta Cana on the Holland America cruise ship. Do you have cruisers who take this tour?

  4. chanellw@hotmail.com'N. Chanell says:

    Hello. My name is Chanell and I will be in Punta Cana November 10 – 14 celebrating my 50th Birthday. As I thank you to the 20 guests that are traveling with me I would like to pay for a private excursion for them and think something like this would be nice. However I am torn between this boat and the LaPachanga as I think they would enjoy the slide and BBQ lunch but also the opportunity to parasail. Can you recommend what you think is best or is there an option to do something that sort of combines the best of both and if so what would it cost? I was hoping to do it on Sunday, November 12th but I could do it on the 11th as well. Please respond ASAP as I am wanting to take care of this prior to arriving. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Chanell, thank you for your comment. Probably the two you mentioned are my favorite boat tours as well. Richt now the best deal is the boat with water slide as you have BBQ included in the price…in case the parasailing would cost 35 usd extra per person and is not included in the price of the catamaran charter. Thank you!

  5. waksman@comcast.net'Betsy Posnick Waksman says:


    I am almost certain we joined your excursion in August 2015 in what was a thoroughly fun and memorable expeience!! I am planning to return the week of November 4-11 and am interested in booking a parasail and diving experience with you once again.

    It seems that you may be using a larger boat…i’m wondering how many people you accommodate on a trip. Also do you have pick up from Secrets!

    I look forward to hearing from you.



    • Hi Betsy,

      yes you’re right. The Power Adventures tour is now using a brand new boat that can host till 80 people. More comfort, same fun. Yes from Secrets round trip transportation is included.

      have a great time in Punta Cana!

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