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Punta Cana Catamaran Charter Guide 2018



Due to the spectacular coastlines and the crystal clear waters, catamaran cruises are always the favorite activity you can enjoy in the Caribbean and have been always the most popular excursion to do in Punta Cana. Whether you’re on spring break, visiting Punta Cana to party or just out to have some fun with your best friends or collegues, these cruises are just for you.
Catamaran tours and specially private catamaran charters have become an important pillar of the Punta Cana scene and no Punta Cana holiday is complete without having experienced at least one party out on the sea. With this guide I will give you a better overview regarding which are for me the local companies that offer the best catamaran charters in the area.
Pick your favorite boat*, book your tickets and enjoy an unforgettable day out. Dancing to the biggest tunes in the sunshine, looking out at the sea and the gorgeous Punta Cana coastline with beautiful people everywhere around you.

Cat Pause
(till 25 people)
Relaxing Cruise/ Party Boat1-10 650usd
55usd any extra person
Bavaro (Bibijagua)Crew, Boat. Possibility to add a lunch on the beach or on board.
(till 50 people)
Party Boat1-15
55usd any extra person
Cabeza de ToroSecluded beach, Fresh Coconut, Entertaining
La Pachanga
(till 65 people)
Party Boat1-18
55usd any extra person
Bavaro (Cortecito)Waterslide, Boat, BBQ on board
Power Adventures
(till 70 people)
Party Boat1-20
60usd any extra person
Bavaro (Los Corales)Crew, Entertaining. Possibility to add the parasailing and hookah diving activities.
(till 50 people)
Relaxing Cruise/Party Boat1-20
55usd any extra
Bavaro (Jellyfish)Secluded beach, front nets to lay
Big Grace
(till 75 people)
Relaxing Cruise/Party Boat1-34 2040usd
60usd any extra person
Bavaro (Bibijagua)Crew, Boat. Possibility to add a lunch on the beach or on board.
Caribbean Sea
(till 80 people)
Relaxing Cruise1-20
60usd any extra person
Punta Cana (Marina)Boat, Views, Underwater Museum. Possibility to add the buggy tour and a visit to Indigenous Eyes.
Pirate Adventure
(till 120 people)
Party Boat1-60
60usd any extra person
Bavaro (Jellyfish)Pirate Ship, Pirate Show,


*ALL the catamaran cruises include the snorkeling activity, open bar and round-trip transportation for hotels located in the Bavaro/Punta Cana area. For hotels in Cap Cana and Uvero Alto, due to the distance, a small extra per person is required to cover the transportation costs.

In order to reserve a boat we require a 200 US$ as deposit. Balance to be paid the day of the tour.

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16 Responses to “Punta Cana Catamaran Charter Guide 2018”

  1. blairdwyer52@gmail.com'Blair dwyer says:

    Hey I’d like to do a catamaran tour with my group of 40 how does this work in pricing?

  2. melisclaudio@hotmail.it'Andrea M says:

    Im coming to Punta Cana next month with a group of 35 people. There will be children as well so I was wondering what price for a private charter would be or how is calculated.

  3. playero2017@yahoo.com'Joseph says:

    Hi. Is the La Pacanga boat available for Sep 6 in the afternoon? Can you confirm BBQ is included in the price?


    • Hi Joseph,

      thank you for contacting us and using the comments area. Yes the boat is still available for the 6th. BBQ is included in the price as written on our page. Feel free to ask us more details using the contact options.

  4. mike.assim@gmail.com'Mike A says:

    We have a group of 6 for a bachelor party. Is there a party boat we can join? We don’t have enough ppl for a private boat. Thanks.

  5. codie@wbprocessing.co.uk'Codie says:


    How much would it be for a boat hire for 14adults and 2children on the boat,

    For around 2hours,

    Also wondering if we can bring champagne to have a toast?


  6. nancyguhhp@163.com'Nancy Gu says:

    HI, we would like to book:
    1) a private charter for 11 people (one 14 year old girl and 10 adult) in the afternoon of 13,july.2016
    2)adventure buggies for 11 people in the morning of 15,july,2016.

    we had booked the hotel at The Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real from 12,july to 16,july,2016. please quote the price and what will include.

  7. tmtmtl69@yahoo.com'Km says:

    We are looking for a private charter for 4ppl or a small private charter with a few more ppl to help with cost. We would like to deep sea fish and snorkel probably an all day event. We would require a pick up / drop from hotel. Thank you

  8. Dwt8567@aol.com'Donna says:

    Looking for a private charter the week of June 20th in punta Cana to fish and snorkel for 4 adult women ok for others to join to help with the cost, please email with rates etc. and if other folks would like to join as well.


    Donna terry

  9. vwb11356@yahoo.com'Vince says:

    Can you contact me about the charters. We will be looking for something between 3-25-16 leaving 3-30-16

  10. riddell.lindsay@yahoo.com'Lindsay says:


    we are wanting to have a private chartered cruise for about 50 people for a welcome/ sunset cruise before our wedding. I wanted to get info on how much this would cost and what our best options are as far as boats. Also what is included in fee. Look forward to hearing from you!

  11. shivamp1205@gmail.com'Shiv says:


    We are coming for Bachelor Party. What are your options for 22 gentlemen?

    Thank You,


  12. mrukov@onesps.com'Michael Rukov says:

    I think I contacted you before, but here we are again.

    I have 24 people at the moment (this number might go up to 30 or more) that would like to do Catamaran tour on January 13th at 1.30pm.

    I see that you have multiple options there. Can you please provide me with a quote for 24 people private charter and also let me know what is included? We are staying at Paradisus Palma Real.

    Best regards

  13. M_Nelson51@hotmail.com'Megan says:

    My brother is having his wedding in Punta Cana and we would like to book a booze cruise for Saturday, April 25th. I was looking at the Private Tours on the Bebe. Do those include drinks? If not, are we able to bring our own alcohol?

    Our goal is to have a 3-4 hour group cruise in the afternoon with drinks.

    Thank you for any information you can provide!


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