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the bongo tour logoTalking about nightlife, the Caribbean’s #1 tourist destination has all you are looking to experience and more…hottest parties, wildest dance floors and exclusive VIP events. Punta Cana has a varied, active nightlife and every day there is another addition to the growing list of establishments that offer nighttime entertainment.

For many years tourists have been held captive within the properties they visit. But Punta Cana, and specially the Bavaro area, is not the same place it was 15 years ago: the city has exploded with shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs. There are small bars featuring live music, quieter spots to enjoy tapas and a fine glass of wine and party lovers have a wide variety of discos and clubs to choose from, including some of the best in the entire country.

Gone are the days once spent confined within the walls of a resort. Get out, spread your wings and enjoy your vacation!! Take in all the trendy local hangouts, beach bars, world-class nightclubs and events. Experience the multicultural landscape that surrounds you. Thousands of expats from all around the world, Canada, USA, Europe, Russia and South America have come to call Punta Cana home.

Here below you have a complete list with all the discos, bars, nightclubs you can find in Punta Cana that offer a night time entertainment with our recommendations. For a day by day guide with the local’s favorite night spots to go out click here. Party animal? Join us in our crazy Party Bus and spend a night like a real Dominican!

See you on the dance floor!!

(**Updated Oct 2017)


ACQUA   –   Beach Club   –   Plaza Bibijagua, Bavaro
AIRPLANE SPORT BAR*  –  Sport Bar/Liquor Store  –  Avenida Espana
AREITO   –   Disco   –   Baribe Club Princess
BALICANA   –   Bar/Restaurant   –   Los Corales, Bavaro
BLUE LIGHT   –   Gentlemen’s Club   –   Carretera Arena Gorda, Bavaro
CANOA   –  Bar/Restaurant  –  Los Corales, Bavaro
COCO BONGO*  –  Disco & Live Show  –  Down Town Punta Cana
CONGO BAR  –  Bar  –  Down Town Punta Cana

CLUB ACQUA MARE   –   Bar/Restaurant   –   Marina Cap Cana
COOL BAVARO   –   Disco Club  –   Av. Estados Unidos, Friusa
DRINK POINT*  –  Bar and Liquor Store  –  Avenida Espana
EL KAN*  –  Bar and Liquor Store  –  PlazaRiviera, Avenida Espana
EL PUB DEL TEATRO*   –   Pub/Bar   –   Ciudad Las Canas, Cap Cana

FANTASY   –   Disco   –   Villas Bavaro Hotel
FUEGO GASTRO BAR   –   Bar/Restaurant   –   Hotel Paradis, Punta Cana
GARUM   –   Bar de Tapas   –   San JuanShopping Center
GABI BEACH   –   Beach Club   –   Hotel Paradius Palma Real
GABRIEL’S   –   Bar/Coffee Shop   –   Paseo San Juan, Bavaro
GUAGUANCO  –  Disco & Restaurant  –  Down Town
HARD ROCK CAFE   –   Bar/Restaurant   –   Blue Mall Shopping Center
HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO   –   Casino   –   Blvd. Turistico km 28, Macao
HURACAN CAFE   –   Beach Bar/Restaurant   –   Los Corales, Bavaro
IMAGINE*   –   Disco   –   Close to Coco Loco crossed
JELLYFISH   –   Beach Bar/Restaurant   –   Bavaro Beach

JUANILLO   –   Beach Bar/Restaurant   –   Juanillo Beach, Bavaro
KVIAR*  –  Disco & Casino  –  Cabeza de Toro
LA ENOTECA   –   Wine Bar   –   Palma Real Shopping Center
LA MANSION   –   Gentlemen’s Club   –    Crta Boulevard, Cocotal
LANCELOT   –   Disco   –   Casino Tower   –   809.552.1111
LA PALAPA   –   Bar/Restaurant   –   Caleton Beach Club, Cap Cana
LAZY LIZARD  –  Snack Bar  –  Las Canas, Cap Cana
LEGACY*  –  Disco Club  – Plaza Bavaro
LE PETIT CHATEAUX  –  Gentlemens Club  –  Av. Barcelo
LIQUI DOS*   –   Lounge Bar   –   Plaza Turquesa, Bavaro
LOS BURROS GENIALES  –  Mexican  –  Blue Mall Punta Cana
NOAH   –   Bar/Restaurant   –   Av. Barcelo, Bavaro
ONNO’S BAVARO*   –   Bar/Restaurant   –   El Cortecito, Bavaro   

OASIS MONTREAL  –  Bar/Restaurant  –   El Cortecito
   –   Disco   –   Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
OUR REPUBLIC*  –  Sports Bar  –  Los Corales, Bavaro
PACHA   –   Disco   –   RIU Hotel
PALMAS  –  Car Wash & Bar  –  Avenida Espana
PEARL BEACH CLUB*  –  Disco Bar  –  Cabeza de Toro
PLAYA BLANCA   –   Beach Bar/ Restaurant   –   Punta Cana Resort & Club
PORKYS BAR  –  Bar  –  Plaza Punta Cana
PVBLIC  –  Bar  –  Las Canas, Cap Cana
PUNTA CAVA   –   Bar de Tapas   –   Galerias Punta Cana
SINS 4 TWO   –   Couples Club   –   Cra Friusa, Coco Loco
STEVE’S CORNER BAR*  –  Sports Bar  –  Avenida Espana
TOWER CASINO   –   Casino   –   Bavaro Princess
VIBE CLUB*  –  Disco/Club  – Palma Real Shopping Center
WACAMOLE*  –  Mexican Restaurant  –  Los Corales, Bavaro

* (recommended)

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    Hi I will be in punta cana 23,24,25 of February n wanted to no the best spots for those nites. Soles was recommended but is that more a day thing or nite. Also was interested in oro n liqui2 n best days. We like hip hop the mostn a lil mix of everything

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